Jack Jokinen is a businessman, author, podcaster, and activist. He lives in the Summer Hill development with his wife, Emily, their two daughters, Johanna and Layla, and their two dogs, George and Suzy since deciding to make Woolwich their home in 2020.

Jack graduated from the Bronx High School of Science where he concentrated on math and science and graduated from Drexel University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sport Management (2008). Throughout his career Jack has worked to help various Fortune 500 companies utilize technology to improve the experience of their customers and employees, while keeping data secure. Currently, Jack serves as a Strategic Customer Success Manager for mParticle.

In the community Jack volunteers on the Parks & Recreation board, coaches soccer for the SWSA, and also films and edits the township's "What's Going On In Woolwich" video series to provide more visibility into the government.

In his personal life, Jack is a philanthropist who gives back to the community that he grew up in. He is the founder of the "John Gilder Memorial Scholarship Fund.", which partners with Fordham University and Greenwich High School, where John received his education, to offer needs-based scholarships to students who embody similar characteristics as his friend, John Gilder, who passed away at the age of 24 of a rare heart condition. In the 12 years since the scholarship’s inception, they have raised over $100K toward their initiative. Jack uses event marketing and annual fundraisers, where he has secured high-value raffle items through his numerous professional affiliations, to raise a substantial amount of money for the cause. 

In his never-ending quest to effect positive change in the world, Jack has also collaborated with Jacobi Hospital to help renovate the hospital’s rehabilitation centers and offer Narcan training to the community.

During a fateful walk in a winter storm with his first rescue dog, George, Jack encountered a life-changing situation. He had unknowingly left the door slightly ajar upon returning home, and this allowed an injured dog to wander in, seeking refuge from the cold. Discovering the pup injured and scared outside of my bedroom door, Jack's heart went out to her. After contacting animal control and being advised to drop off the dog for them to "handle", Jack took matters into his own hands. He sought out the best veterinarian in the city and shared his extraordinary journey on Twitter. Suzy turned out to be a senior dog with multiple health issues, but the power of her story caught the media's attention, prompting an outpouring of donations. These generous contributions not only supported Suzy's recovery but also inspired Jack's mission to help other animals. Through his platform, Jack facilitated 366 adoptions in a year, demonstrating that love and compassion can spark a chain reaction of positive change.

Drawing from this experience, Jack authored the children's book "A Stray Dog For Christmas," narrating the true story of finding Suzy in our house and our decision to save her life. He hopes that this book will continue to motivate others to choose adoption when it is released in September 2024 and will be doing local readings this year to inspire the children of Woolwich Township.

Woolwich Township is where Jack's daughters will grow up and he looks forwards to making it a great place for not just his children but yours as well.