We are the Woolwich Township Democrats

We’re fighting for a brighter, more equal future: rolling up our sleeves and organizing everywhere to build a better Woolwich Township for all.
The Woolwich Township Democrat Club is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of all residents through good government and community service. We encourage all residents to exercise their right to vote every election day!

This year's Democratic Candidates are Jack Jokinen and Yusuf Fluellen. With school age children both Jack and Yusuf have "skin in the game" to make sure Woolwich Township continues to be a great place for families to grow in a safe environment. This includes stabilizing taxes through smart growth, keeping warehouses away from where our children learn and play, as well as providing greater transparency to Woolwich residents about what the local government is doing for YOU!

Jack Jokinen

Jack Jokinen is a businessman, author, podcaster, and activist. He lives in the Summer Hill development with his wife, Emily, their two daughters, Johanna and Layla, and their two dogs, George and Suzy.

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Yusuf Fluellen

Yusuf is a husband and father of five, and a grandfather.

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Our Platform

Our candidates are not afraid to talk about the real issues impacting us all every day. Learn more about where we stand and set up some time to meet the candidates to tell them what is important to YOU!

The 2024 election will have a tremendous impact from the federal to the local levels and everywhere in between. The Woolwich Township Democrats believe it is important that all citizens who have the right to vote, exercise that right. This year we have two seats on the Woolwich Township Committee up for election have a major impact on your community and daily life.

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